Skin Needling.

So, if you follow my blog, you would have seen a guest post by my friend, Nicki Dadic, giving you the low down on skin needling at Aura. You'll also know that I declined, at least twice, the offer to review, skin needling. The whole concept had me quite concerned. And... have a look at this thing...

Yikes! Right?!

But, Nicki's skin continued to look better and better. I was intrigued. And slightly more brave...

And then, Kerry, my all time favourite therapist, assured me that it looked much worse than it actually is and after you have done the skin needling, your skin continues to improve and regenerate for 28 days, and let's be honest. Any one who reads this blog, knows that I am completely obsessed with beautiful, healthy skin {and great eyebrows.} So... I made a booking. 

Let's start at the beginning. An anaesthetic cream is applied to your face and then it is covered in plastic. You are left for 20 minutes... covered in plastic and your face... on it's way to complete, numbness. 

And, it starts. I will admit, those 5 needles and that noise, really do look worse than what it actually feels (or lack there of) like. The parts of my face that I definitely did feel pain, were my forehead, eyelids and jaw bone. The nose was uncomfortable and more ticklish than anything else. All in all, really quick and relatively painless. 

Cut to, the first glimpse of my face- literally, one minute after.

I'm smiling... !

Yup, looking pretty sore. It was actually just warm. My face felt exceptionally warm. It continued to feel that way up until the next day.

This photo was taken, as I pulled into my driveway. About 20 minutes after having had the treatment. The gel had been applied and I would say at this point, I was feeling the most discomfort and my face felt like it was on fire. It looks a lot like it too. Not so pretty, right?

The RegimA gel that Aura provide for you, soothes it and really helps make the *sting, a little better. I won't lie, it's pretty uncomfortable and not being able to wash my face, was hard for me. I kept applying the gel each time I felt a bit uncomfortable and it really did help. 

The next day, it still looked puffy and you can still see the little needle pricks in parts of my skin, especially the forehead, but the heat had gone.  

A little battered and bruised but not bad, for one day later, right? 

And, exactly 2 weeks later, this was my skin...

Smooth, plump and fewer frown lines and... no crows feet.

And 30 days later, I had a photo shoot, and my skin was the best it has ever looked. 

So, here's the thing. For R1200. You can reduce wrinkles & scarring. Your skin looks and feels fantastic. The collagen makes your face plump and tight again. 

Would I do it again? Absolutely! Would I recommend it? 100%. Once you start needling, it is advised, that in the first year, you try and do it every 3 months. The next year, every 6 months and from the third year, it is only recommended to go once a year. ONCE A YEAR! Do you know, how many skin products you will save on? For youthful, plump & flawless skin, do needling. Really! 

Ps. For the actual technical process of skin needling, see Nicki's guest blog post.